Shaman's Dawn

Shamanically Charged Candles, Energy Sprays, and Baths

About Shaman's Dawn

Shaman's Dawn is a small business owned and operated by Adam Kane and Al Romao. We are dedicated to being of service to our community and to the people, land, and spirits. Shaman's Dawn provides handmade products and supplies that are shamanically charged through blessing ceremonies. All of our products are handmade and we are constantly striving to offer the best quality items to the communities. We also sell wholesale to spiritually themed shops throughout the United States. Please check your local shop for availability to support local business and your comunity.

Shamanically Charged Products

One of the primary things that sets Shaman's Dawn handmade items and supplies apart from other sources is that they are all blessed during shamanic ceremony. This is done to "wake up" the plant spirits that are present in the botanicals and oils in these items and also calls forth the medicine of the healing spirits to touch and bless these items.

Every batch of items that are handmade are individually charged through this process. A Blessing ceremony is typically a half hour long. This work is very important to us and we do not rush it. Our relationship to the spirits needs to hold integrity and we do our best to carry this integrity into every step of creating these items for the people.

Another aspect of this process is that our candles, sprays, and spiritual baths are all labeled with healing symbols. These healing symbols also carry their own medicine and are awakened during the blessing ceremony. For more information on the symbols please click the "healing symbols" link in the window to the left.


Adam Kane
Adam started his spiritual journey into shamanism while growing up in the woods and mountains of the NY Catskills. With the support of his parents he forged deep relationships with the spirits of nature and the land that he grew up in. In the mid 80's he began more formal studies in the area of metaphysics which led to his studies in shamanism and indigenous spirituality in the early 90's. Adam has learned from medicine people and shamans from North, Central, and South America as well as studying with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. He still considers his strongest teachers the spirits though. The deepest lessons have always come from sitting on the mountain tops and spending nights on vision quest or night vigil in caves. Adam practices and teaches cross-cultural shamanism with an emphasis on Peruvian, Mayan, North American, Tibetan, and Kemetic teachings. Today, Adam works with individuals for shamanic healing ceremonies in addition to being a co-owner of Shamans Dawn. Being of service to the community is of great importance to Adam as it is a central aspect of his shamanic practice.


Alvaro Romao
Al has been studying Shamanism since 2006 and has sat with indigenous teachers from Central and South America as well as training extensively with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.
Al's journey first started as a curious child growing up in the pinelands of New Jersey where he developed deep relationships with the trees and animals. This connection was then magnified during a spiritual awakening while visiting Belize in Central America as an adult. This led to his studies and practices in shamanism.
Al is also a self taught percussionist that has been playing and performing percussion since 1988. He has a very strong spiritual connection to the rhythm and spirit of the drum.