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Two Year Apprenticeship Program in Shamanic Practices
Starts June 2015

Facilitated by: Adam Kane 
Assisted by: Al Romao and Shana Kestrel

Dates: Starting 6/28/2015 and ending May 2017
    1 Sunday per month
    24 Sessions (2 Years) 

Times: 11am to approximately 7pm

Location: Adam’s Home in Eatontown, NJ

Costs/Payment Options: 
    1) $2,500 for entire program 
        (paid by June 1st, 2015)
    2) $1,350 annually
        (paid annually - first payment received by June 1st, 2015 - second payment due by June 1st 2016)
    3) $370 quarterly for 2 years
        (payments due by the first of the month in June, September, December, March of both years)
    Payments accepted via cash, check, or credit card

Registration has closed for this program

Shaman Spirit BearStarting June 28th of 2015 Adam Kane will be facilitating the fourth offering of the two-year apprentice program in shamanic healing and practices. Those participating in this program will meet one Sunday a month for teachings and shamanic work. The sessions will be a full day from 11am to 7pm with occasional adjustments to scheduling for outdoor and initiatory work.
The program will lead from basic concepts and understanding to in-depth and intense work. Initiatory work will also be done throughout the two years. Initiatory sessions are intended to take individuals through intense spiritual experiences in an effort to understand the often-unseen aspects of the self. The experiences will also strengthen the bonds between participants and the spirit allies.
Adam's goal is to share as much of his personal knowledge, understanding, and techniques as possible. By the end of these two years serious participants will be prepared to have their own shamanic healing practice or proceed in a deep way along their own personal path. There will be a balanced blend of academic learning and hands-on practices. Participants will be given practices and tools to focus on between each session to broaden their understandings and deepen their relationships to the spirits and spirit world.
This program will be taught from the perspective of Adam's personal experiences and teachings that he has received as opposed to a single anthropological or culture specific perspective. You will learn how he has worked, how he has learned from the spirits, and you will be guided through processes of finding your own personal truths and spiritual techniques. This is intended to be a deeply transformative journey to kindle self-confidence and spiritual understanding. 
This program isn’t about attaining knowledge, trainings or techniques. It is about helping people shape themselves to be better vessels for service between the helping spirits and humanity.

Who This Program is Intended For
It is important to remember that this is a serious apprenticeship and not an academic class or a simple training in techniques. Embarking into this program is a large commitment for all involved and each participant will be held accountable to maintain focus and dedication to the shamanic teachings and practices. This is not a program for someone who is simply curious to learn about shamanism or wishes to learn but not practice. This program is intended for those that wish to bring shamanic practice into their daily life and to enter into service to the people, the land, and the spirits through shamanic practice.

Signing Up
This program will be kept to a small group so that deep work can be done as a tight-knit community.
Adam will be limiting the number of people registered, so it is important to submit an application as soon as possible to reserve a space.
Please note that not all applicants are accepted into this program. There is an application process followed by interviews and divination sessions with each applicant to ensure that the program is right for each person enrolled and that each participant is dedicated and in full understanding of the nature of the program and its commitments.
Please realize that this program is designed as an intensive to train and share knowledge on a deep level. This program is a commitment of time and energy for all involved, make sure that you are in a personal space where you can be serious and focused for this work. Participants are expected to complete their personal work between classes and to be dedicated to this learning process.
This is an apprenticeship, which means you are asking to be invited into a family. An apprenticeship needs to be taken as a top priority. Adam makes a great deal of personal sacrifices for the teaching of his students and expects the students to do the same in return.

Final enrollments will be set by May 1st.  It is strongly suggested that all applications are submitted by April 1st.

Registration has closed for this program

Meeting Times
The group will meet once a month on a Sunday for the duration of the two years.
Most sessions will run from 11am to approximately 7pm with occasional changes to time for initiatory work.

Meeting Locations
The majority of the sessions will be held at Adam’s home in Eatontown, NJ. On occasion we will also be outside at various locations in NJ and NY.

Subjects and Techniques to be Covered:
· The basic concepts of shamanism, the healing spirits, and the spirit world
· Accessing the spirit worlds through shamanic journeying, trance and "soul flight"
· Working with healing songs, sacred dance, and sound healing
· Divination and Dream Work
· Working with the Peruvian practices of the Mesa tradition
· Working with nature, plant, and stone spirits
· Several healing and purification ceremonies
· Land healing and home blessing
· Cultural techniques from the Peruvian, Tibetan, Egyptian, Mayan, and Native American cultures
· Extraction Healing
· Soul Retrieval
· Initiatory work
· How to better work with clients and build a shamanic practice